Habits are those simple little acts that over time and in totally have an enormous impact on you and your life.  Your habits are the result of doing something over and over and over again to the point that you do it without any conscious thought.   The habit then becomes a part of you and your daily routine.  These habits can be either positive or negative (depending on the habit you are talking out), so in turn they can either push you towards or pull you away from your goals, dreams and desire.  So let’s talk about the valuable life skill of developing positive impactful habits to trump and even replace any bad habits.


Think Successfully & Take Action!
Tracy Brinkmann

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  • Motivation Monday
    • How many times have you heard someone say or said yourself “I will get started when….” This is the kiss of death, you cannot wait for the sun and the moon and the stars to align – you have to reach out and start aligning them yourself.
    • Lets talk about the downward spiral that comes with this kind of thinking and what one simple thing you need to do to avoid it.

Also – I will ask you your daily question so don’t miss this – a little something to make you pause and think!


Think Successfully & Take Action!
Tracy Brinkmann

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Your time is one of your most precious resources.  While we all get 24 hours a day, 99.99% of us do not know how many days we have left.  Do not fool yourself into thinking there will always be tomorrow – for one day tomorrow will not come.  Whether for your business, your next opportunity or for you actual life – there is a last day.  Always approach each of your todays as if it was your last one. 

Now because you know that your time is so precious and limited here are a few tips to help you milk every minute of your day for all its worth:


  • Invest some of your time in organization so you can maximize your day by being as productive as possible with every hour.
  • Let go of the idea that you can accomplish everything.  Instead, focus your attention on the few things that matter most to you and your goals.  Prune out the rest in order to do quality work on few things that matter without stretching yourself too far.  Be like the master gardener trimming a beautiful rose bush.  By pruning out the unnecessary stems – the rose bush as a whole flourishes and produces more.
  • Become clear on where you are going. By doing so you will find it natural to break down the steps needed to get you there.  Set realistic daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.   Do it so you can accomplish what you set out to do in a reasonable manner.
  • Remember, what is reasonable for you many be too fast or slow for someone else.  Set YOUR pace for YOUR goals.  Release the notion that you should be able to finish important projects overnight and, instead, give yourself the time you need to do an exceptional job.


We have many, many things we all need to remember: names, dates, times, tasks, and opportunities, to name a few. I personally use a planner (Franklin Covey’s PlanPlus for Outlook to be specific) and check it frequently because I know that by staying organized I am granting myself greater productivity and a more relaxed life.  I know that by following these tips and managing your time effectively you too can be more productive and happier with everything that you are able to accomplish.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I recognize the value of investing time in organization myself?
  2. Do I take advantage of tools that are designed to help me be organized?
  3. Are the activities that currently use up my time contributing to the achievement of my goals?


Think Successfully & Take Action

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My previous blog post on time management seemed to peek quite a bit of your interest so I thought I would give you a few more time saving tips.  Do you fall into the trap of wasting time? If you do then you are literally throwing money away because, time is a valuable commodity and we all know that a commodity has a value! When you waste your precious time, you’re actually preventing yourself from achieving the things you desire and thus reaping the rewards that come from that – whether those rewards or monetary, emotional or recreational.


Here I have listed what I believe to be the top ten time wasters.  Take a look and if you find yourself spending too much time on one or more of these activities, try changing some of your habits so your time can be more productive and rewarding.  **NOTE** Only try changing one at a time.  Then as you see the rewards gained from saving time on that first time waster you can move on to the next one & the next one until you are a lean mean time saving machine.


  1. Worry. Many people will waste their time worrying until doomsday about every little thing in their lives. Usually thing that they have no control over and can not change in the first place or things that will never happen.  This is simply unproductive and bad for your health, mind, and spirit.

    • If you have something worrisome coming up that you can impact, craft a plan of positive action on paper, then take action on that plan.  This will empower you and enable you to let go of the worry. After all, worrying along does not accomplish anything positive.
  2. Television.  We have become a couch potato society!  Many actually schedule their lives around their favorite television shows and spend less time doing more important activities like attending social events that could strengthen their relationships.
    • Record your favorite TV shows and watch them during your leisure time, or limit your TV intake to just a couple hours a week.  I would tell you to take it one step further – review the TV listing the week in advance and plan which ones you will watch. Scheduling them all at one time alerts you to the actual amount of time you are spending in front of the ‘boob tube’ and not with your friends, family and colleagues.
  3. Video and Computer Games.  This is becoming such a time waster that gamers are actually developing what is called “gamers thumb,” a repetitive stress injury.  I personally have to admit I am a victim of this particular time waster.  I have a couple games (Guitar Hero World Tour, Call to Duty 4 and Unreal) that have stolen precious time from me.
    • Set time limits for yourself and your kids and help your kids understand why this is important.  One of things I did to curtail my own gaming time is make my game time a reward to getting specific things accomplished; Finish mowing, trimming and edging the yard, get a ½ hour of game time, clean the garage, more game time, etc.
  4. Internet time. Are you constantly browsing the Internet, Facebook or Twitter? Are your kids hearing you say, “In a minute,” much too often when they ask you to spend time with them?
    • Keep your time on the Internet short and get involved in life. Instead of chatting with your online friends, spend more time with your real-life friends and family! (say this with a little bit of tongue in cheek as many of you reading this are my twitter friends) It’s all about balance.  I have days I spend a little bit of time on Twitter as I am working on other things and other days when I spend… er… um… more time online.
  5. Telephone Chatter. Sure, we like to call old friends and chat, but do you chat on the phone all day long? If you do, you may find that you get hardly anything done all day.
    • Keep phone calls to a minimum or set a timer to go off after 15-20 minutes. This way you won’t feel deprived of a good conversation, but it won’t take over your whole day.
  6. Traffic and Commuting. Some of us spend an enormous amount of time traveling to and from work. You can turn your commuting time into productive time!
    • Try carpooling or taking the bus, subway or train to work. You can use this time to read, plan your day, complete paperwork, or even relax your mind before a productive day.
    • If you drive, you can listen to inspiring and informative CDs or tapes to sharpen your mind each morning.  Of course I would say you should go to www.blogtalkradio.com/tracybrinkmann/ and download my episodes to your iPod or MP3 player to listen to.
  7. Hobbies. Yes, there are people who are so obsessed with a hobby that they don’t make time to do anything else. They rush home from work to their hobby, even skipping dinner.

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